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"A" Body Build - 71 Buick Skylark

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This was a productive week, but I wanted to comment on the TA Performance frame pads we used.

They look great installed, right?


But once you set the engine in place, they don't exactly line up all too well.

I lined up the drivers side with no problem...


But then check out what the passenger side looked like!


Not even close by a Long shot!  I had to go back and loosen up all the bolts on the pads on both sides AND loosen up all the bolts holding the motor mounts to the engine.  Even then, it was still a wrestling match to get the through bolts properly I place.  Then go back and tighten up all the bolts all over again.

You know how fun the pad bolts inside the frame are to get to, right?  And the block bolts would have been impossible to get to if the exhaust had been in place.

Eventually I got the job done, but many hours in frustration were spent on something that normally would take five minutes.


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So to get all the accessories hooked up, with only one ignition source, we have to add a few relays and stuff to get this accomplished.

So first we need a map to get everything installed...


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Now with the radiator and cooling fans in, we can start getting everything all wired up...

I had to go see my friends at Performance Tube Bending to get this sweet little cooling fan sensor adaptor fabracted up for me.





Starting to look like an engine now...



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To finish the steering, which included a new Flaming River keyed tilt column I had to get a new steering shaft installed.  Had to also get all the plumbing done for the Hydro boost we installed.  Looked real nice all done...




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We had it towed over to Hotchkis to get the final alignment done.  Looking forward to getting it back and getting some miles on this beast.

Stay tuned!





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