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  2. Do you know if Harebibian is running the enduro next week? He's out here now tearing up the water.
  3. How'd that work out for you? Any pics of the Helms truck? The local Kiwanis club had an old Divco Helms truck that I wanted to buy and hot rod. My old man shot that one down.
  4. How will you tow the boat home if your car engine is in your boat?
  5. Let's just say I don't use BB guns when I'm shooting. 😉
  6. I take it that you're not much of a shot, eh. Damn! that's a nice collections of smileys you've got there Joe. You might consider helping old rd out in that area.
  7. I sure hope you shot that lizard and put it on the bar-b.
  8. Looking at LInda I would have never guessed it was her. Maybe it's the muffler shop in the background that looks familiar?
  9. On second look... This car looks kind of familiar.
  10. I have yet to start on Linda Vaughn's restoration. It might be easier to ship her off to the Virgin Islands. Ted looks happy though.
  11. This is one of the best shows I've ever attended. Took us four hours of walking to see everything!!! I highly recommend you take a trip up there next year. I took tons of pics. I'll post some of my favorites here...
  12. Holy cow!!! What a beautiful restoration project!!! How long did that take you from start to finish??
  13. Here is my work Instagram... https://www.instagram.com/streetrodservice/ What's yours?
  14. Not much rust, just a bunch of missing parts.
  15. We now have the Snap-On R1234yf machine for all late model vehicle Freon needs. Even though we specialize in classic vehicle service, we stay on top off all the latest automotive technology. https://rettsperformance.com/
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